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Botox is the trade name for a natural purified protein that relaxes muscles.

These neuromodulators can relax muscles to :

  • therapeutically treat muscle spasms
  • esthetically treat wrinkles

In dentistry, we can use Botox to reduce :

  • muscle pain associated with clenching and grinding
  • parafunctional habits such as clenching and grinding
  • pain associated with migraines
  • TMJ (also known as TMD) pain
  • dystonias (involuntary muscle contractions) of the head and neck
  •  wrinkles caused by the muscles of facial expression as part of a complete smile makeover

Did you know that :

  • one of the contributing factors of gum recession is the hyperactivity of some the muscles of facial expression
  • a gummy smile can be softened by relaxing key muscles that control the upper lip
  • if you plan on having implants, you may need to have key muscles relaxed around the implant(s) so that the gums don't tug away from the implant(s) while healing